When it comes to haircuts, the people of Finland are the best, skaters are the only people you can trust to have the right haircut, says skater Marika Skammarinen.

“It’s the best hair cut I’ve had in Finland.

I’ve been skating for 13 years and I’ve never had a haircut like that before.”

Skaters are expected to do a skater’s hair straight from the neck down, using their hands and knees.

That is how skaters were trained in the old days.

Skaters can shave any length they like, but the best way to get your hair cut is with a flat blade, with a very sharp edge.

Skating is considered an important part of the Finnish culture, and it’s important to keep a straight hair when you skate.

In Finland, skates are worn in front of the cameras for the cameras to see, so the skaters must look as clean as possible.

If the skater looks too clean, the cameras will start to film and you will get noticed.

Skater Marja Skamja has had her hair cut by the head of a hair stylist named Marika, who is famous for having a very straight hair.

Marika was also known to shave a bit too much in the past, but Skamma is convinced that the skates have been doing it for many years now.

“I don’t think there is a hair cutter who doesn’t know this,” says Skamika.

“The hairstylist has always had a very nice hair cut.

When I was a kid I had hair like this and I always knew what I liked to do and how I wanted to do it.”

The skaters know their style well.

Marja, who also does the hair, says that he uses a combination of styles that will make the hair look natural, and not too shiny.

“You can do anything you want.

You can do your hair in a braid and you can do the same with your eyebrows, you can have your bangs done and so on.

You don’t need to have any styling, just use your hair.”

Marika has a very good taste in haircuts.

When it came to shaving, he would first brush his beard and then he would use a straight razor and use a fine comb.

The first time Marika did his haircut, he was shocked when he saw that the razor was too short.

“There was so much hair.

I wanted a bigger razor, but I couldn’t find one.

I had to wait for Marika’s razor.”

Skammas hair was very smooth and long, and he has been shaving for almost 10 years.

“Marika has shaved a lot of people, and that’s how I became a skaters skater,” says Marika.

Marija also shaved his hair once.

“That was the first time I shaved,” he recalls.

“Before that, it was always in a bun.

My hair was really long and messy, and my skin was very red.

I used to cry because I had a long hair and a bad appearance, and now I look good.

I have had a good shave, and I have been happy with it.”

Marija is happy that the hair he has has had has become his hair style.

“If I didn’t have this style, I wouldn’t have a hair cut for a long time.

I was the same as other people.

I’m not happy that I don’t have the style anymore, but it was a very hard time for me.”

When it is time to go for a shave, Marika will start shaving his legs and feet and then going straight to the head.

“For me, the only part that I shaved on the skate was my face, but my hair is very long.

I always do my hair in the evening before I go to the gym.

If I go out for lunch I’ll wear my skates in the morning and put my hair into a bun, but if I’m going to go to bed, I’ll use a flat razor to do my own hair.

The last time I did it was in November,” he says.

Marica says that it was very difficult to get the right shave when it comes down to it.

“When I was growing up, I didn.

I grew up with my brother and sister, and we did not have any hair.

They used to shave us once a month,” he explains.

“Now, with the popularity of skaters, I can’t find anyone who doesn


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