Skates are all the rage in the snow and ice world, but why are they all the way from London?

Skates are great for skating, but are they as good for skiing?

The answer lies in the way they are made.

The best skates are made from a durable plastic, often called ‘ski rubber’.

The ‘snow rubber’ used to make skates is made from polyethylene, which is durable, flexible and lightweight.

When you put a plastic in a liquid, it becomes a liquid.

This liquid then forms a foam which makes up the ‘ski rubber’.

It is then dipped in a mixture of chemicals and heated to melt the plastic and give it a solid look.

This is then used to shape the plastic into a skate, with the same process being used to mould the rubber.

But what about when you put the skates in the water?

What happens to the rubber?

Well, when the plastic has cooled, the rubber will begin to separate and the foam will form a more solid shape.

What about the skater?

While the skaters might enjoy the look of the skating-inspired skates that you can see on the cover of Skate News, the reality is that this is a skater’s skate.

You will need to wear gloves when you jump on the skated surface.

You will also need to use a ‘skate harness’.

If you can get your hands on one, there are many great options out there.

So what are you waiting for?

Buy one now and get the full experience of skiing on skates.

Skate News has been around since 1996.

Visit our Skate section for more great news and skaters news.

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