How to teach kids to skate

With every new toy, there’s a new trend in children’s toys, and there’s been a rise in interest in skateboarding as a sport. 

With skateboarding now in the public consciousness, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was just a hobby for kids who love to be out on the road, but research suggests that there’s something more than that going on. 

The rise of children’s skateboarding is a new phenomenon in the UK. 

This year alone, there were 5,000 children’s skaters in the country. 

But there’s more to it than just the children’s toy, according to David Dickson, professor of child development at the University of Bristol. 

“It’s an extremely social, active and creative activity, where the children are having fun, and learning new skills. 

It’s a highly social and interactive activity and there is a lot of cross-cultural and ethnic diversity involved.”

Dickson says there’s also a strong correlation between a child’s interest in a sport and the amount of money they earn. 

He says that when it comes to the amount they make, the kids are more likely to spend money on a new toy than to buy a new one. 

As an example, he points to the rise in the number of children who spend money each month on their favourite sport.

“We found a correlation between the number and amount of spending on the sport and how much they earn,” he says.

“If a child wants to buy an expensive toy, that’s a positive thing, because that is money they can spend to buy new toys.”

So when they buy a toy, it’s not necessarily because they want to spend a lot on it. 

Instead, they’re buying a toy they want, and they’re spending money they don’t have on that.

“What’s happening at the grassroots levelWhat is a skateboarder? 

It all started in 2010, when David Dixons children’s program, The Skate Club, was established. 

At the time, there weren’t any kids’ sports programs for kids in Bristol, but the idea was to develop an activity for young children to learn to skate.”

The kids would come to school, and we would teach them how to skate,” he explains.”

When they went to the playground, we would play, and then they would go into the playground and start to skate.

“In 2012, the program grew to more than 700 kids. 

And now, in 2017, it has more than 2,000 students, with the majority of them aged from four to 11.”

At first it was about having kids learn how to play with each other, but as the years went on, the interest really picked up,” says Dickson. 

Dickson is also the founder of Skate School, which trains children in a variety of sports and is the only local sports and leisure facility for kids aged between four and 17.”

Our main focus is getting them into sport at an early age, so that’s the most important thing, to get them interested and excited about sports, to build their confidence, to work hard and to take responsibility for themselves.

“Dixons believes the growth in interest has come as a result of the popularity of the sport, with many parents now wanting their kids to be able to skate at home, which is the reason for the expansion of the program. 

In 2015, Skate Schools became the first non-government school in the region to offer skate lessons, and this year, they plan to introduce more lessons, including skateboarding. 

If you would like to learn more about skateboarding, here are a few resources: How to teach your kids to skate and what to expect. 

Skateboards and learning at home: A guide for parents and teachers. 

Video: Kids learn to ride a skate board. 

Schools are a key part of learning.

Read more about it.


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