The next wave of ski resort construction is just around the corner, with construction on the second phase of the Paradise Towers resort set to begin this summer.

Construction for the second wave of Paradise Towers, the $5.5 billion, three-tower ski resort in Colorado, is set to start in September, and the first wave of construction will be finished by October, according to a recent filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

As part of the development, two of the towers are being designed by the Swiss-based design studio Skater Beanie and the company CCS, which makes the skates.

The towers are expected to be built at an estimated cost of $20 billion.

The first wave is set for construction in late 2018 and the second will start construction in 2020, according the filing.

Skater Beans first-generation skaters first started skating on the ski slopes in the early 1990s.

In the late 1990s, the skaters also got their start with the “Ribbon” series of skate parks and the “Mountain Goat” series, which are ski resorts that feature more than 30,000 feet of groomed slopes.

According to the ski resort’s website, the Paradise Tower is a three-level, 1,600-foot-tall, 100-acre ski resort, built on an existing ski hill.

It features six main ski lifts, a “trail” that leads to the second floor of the ski area, and two “spacewalks” that run the length of the resort.

The first floor of Paradise Tower also features the world’s largest “pump-operated” lift, which is used to transport guests to and from the resort’s two elevators.

Cheshire Hathaway, the owner of the Skater beans, has been looking to build a resort in the Rocky Mountains since 2006, when the company was in talks with the ski industry about building a ski area in Colorado.

A proposal for a “Rink” in 2007 was scrapped because of financial problems, but in 2012, the company finally completed the first phase of its plan for a ski resort.

Last month, a New York Times report revealed that the developers of the project are looking to expand to the West, including the Rocky Mountain states.

The project is still in development and the developer’s timeline has not been announced.


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