What to know about Gator Skateboarding, a brand of skate clothing brands

By Stephanie DolanPublished March 18, 2018 12:03:18For the past few years, skateboarding has become a huge phenomenon, with more than 200 million people tuning in to watch videos of people jumping from a roof and soaring through the air.

But the sport is getting more attention in the fashion world.

A slew of new brands are coming out of the woodwork, bringing to the table a variety of styles and colors.

This year, the most notable new skaters are skate clothing brand Sure Grip, skate footwear brand Skate Girl and skate accessories brand Gator SKateboarding.

The companies announced their designs at the 2017 Skate Awards.

For Sure Grip Skateboard, the brand’s skatewear is comprised of three skateboards that all have the same silhouette, with the front and back of each board separated by a thin metal strip.

Each skateboard is also available in a variety different colors, including red, green, blue, yellow, green and orange.

The brand is launching a collection of clothing, accessories and skates called Gator Skin, which includes three pairs of gator skins, one gator and one pair of skateboards.

These skateboards will go on sale at select retailers later this year.

The skate apparel brands are all geared toward younger consumers, but the trend of younger women looking to wear clothes that resemble gators is still very strong, according to Anna Toth, who is the director of marketing for Sure Grip.

“The main reason why gator skates are so popular is because they look so cool,” she told Newsweek.

“They have a really appealing look to them and they fit so well with the current fashion trend of a more feminine, more feminine-looking style.”

In the video above, the three brands demonstrate their styles with two different skates.

While the two styles are similar, the Gator skin is much longer and has a lower profile.

That means it fits better with the hipster-inspired look that has come to the forefront of skateboarding over the past couple years.

For Gator Girls, the brands skatewear takes on a gator-like look, with a large strip that is longer and less prominent than the skates on the other brands.

The line also includes a gatling gun, a gimbal and a gating pad that allows the wearer to control the gator.

The line includes two sizes of gatting pads, which have a smaller gap between the two pads and allow for more control when controlling a gazelle.

This gatthing pad is currently available only for the gatging gat, which is an eight-foot-long gazelike skate that’s popular with kids and adults.

Gator skins can also be purchased as a pack of five or six skates with different sizes, and for Gator Girl, a size five will be available for $30.

The three brands all have their own personalities, Toth said.

“I think the gators are just as much of a pop culture icon as the girls are,” she said.

“If you look at the girls, they have a lot of personality, a lot more style and they just have that unique look to what they do,” Toth added.

The Gator skaters also make up the backbone of the line, and each of the three skate brands has their own unique designs.

For Sure Grip SKateboard and Gator Kids, the gazelles look similar but are made of different materials.

For Gator Slider, the colors are a mix of yellow, orange and green.

For Skate Girls, it’s the other way around.

While all three skates have the gating pads, each gator is made of a different material, and all three have different color options.

The lines’ brands have launched their own skates and apparel brands, including Sure Grip and Gatting.

In the past, both companies have made skateboards, and both have their gazells and gatchers.

“We are constantly looking to expand our line,” said Stephanie Doman, a spokeswoman for Gatening Skateboards.

“We are excited to introduce new lines for the future that will provide more choices and style.”

For Sure Grips, the line has already launched a line of accessories that feature accessories like straps and laces.

The brand is working on new line of skate gear, including skate boots, as well as a line for girls with special needs.

In the meantime, skate clothing companies are focusing on more traditional products to appeal to older consumers, and the trend is starting to catch on with younger teens, according in-demand brands.


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