The world’s first ‘skateboarding alley’ opened last week in Brooklyn.

The ‘skater alley’ is the first skatepark in New York City to offer a mix of street and indoor skating, and it was built in conjunction with a Brooklyn-based skate brand, Pro Skate.

The company hopes the new park will draw more people to the area, and they hope to expand into other parts of the city.

In the meantime, Proskate has been keeping a close eye on the area.

“I’ve been really pleased with the reaction,” Pro Skating founder Matt Smith told The Jerusalem Times.

“We really want to continue to grow and grow the business and expand the brand and be part of the community.”

Skateboarding is a relatively new subculture in New Jersey.

It started out as a recreational activity in the 1960s, but now more and more people are embracing it as an escape from everyday life.

In a way, skateboarding has become a subculture within the culture.

Skateboarding Alley NYC – the first skatepark in the US to offer skateboarding, and the first to expand the concept into other areas of New YorkCity, will open later this month.

“The skaters in Brooklyn, who have been skateboarding since they were kids, really embrace it,” Proskates co-founder and CEO Matt Smith said.

“They really like the way it feels.”

In order to make this park work, ProSkate hired a former pro skateboarder and an avid skateboard owner to help.

“It’s really a lot of people,” Smith said of the team that has helped build the park.

“The team is great.

It’s a small team, and we’ve been trying to keep it small and manageable.

They’ve been doing a great job, and I think it’s going to be really successful.”

Smith said that while he is confident the skatepark will be successful, he wants to expand to other areas in New New York.

“In New York, you have the big skate parks, and you have all these smaller skate parks that are all the same size,” Smith explained.

“If we want to expand, we need to be able to expand across all these different neighborhoods, and this is one of those neighborhoods that is going to really benefit from it.”


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