NEW YORK (AP) It’s a popular sport in the United States, but skaters in the Pacific Northwest have become increasingly concerned about the safety of their hair since the first skater fatalities in the U.S. in 2012.

In 2014, a skater died after being attacked by a man who cut his hair.

The man who stabbed the man was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

The city of Olympia was the first to enact a ban on skaters using the city’s skateboard parks in 2017, and last year a group of skaters sued the city over a new law that banned skaters from using the park for public events.

Skaters have also started boycotting the state of Washington after the state’s legislature passed a bill that makes it easier for skaters to use skateboards for public gatherings, including weddings.

The new law, signed by Gov.

Jay Inslee, allows skaters on the streets to use the sidewalks, streets and sidewalks to ride skateboards.

But skaters say it is still dangerous and dangerous to skate in public, especially during the summer.

“If you’re a skaters, you’re going to have a different mindset and a different perception of the people around you,” said Mark McElroy, a former skater who now runs the Skateshop for Skateboarding, which provides safety education and training for skates.

“You’re not going to feel safe.”

The skate shop also serves as a meeting spot for skater families.

“The majority of the kids that come to our classes are families of skates, or skateboards, and we don’t want to alienate them,” McElry said.

In June, the Seattle Times reported on a number of incidents involving skaters that led to the closure of a skate park in the city, which included a stabbing of a male skater.

The newspaper also reported on the killing of a man in Seattle who was hit by a car while trying to stop another skater from cutting his hair in public.

McElroys wife was also stabbed and died, but she did not require treatment.

“It’s definitely scary to see the people who are coming in,” McEllroy said.

The Skateshops has also received threats from some skaters and their families.

McEllroys mother and sister were attacked by people during a trip to Vancouver, Canada, in 2015, and the Skatershop has been the target of numerous other attacks, including a robbery attempt in January 2017 that killed the owner of the shop.

McElvoy said his daughter, who has a rare genetic disorder, recently began experiencing the symptoms of a rare disease called BMD1, which affects his ability to walk and speak.

McNeill said that when she first heard about the recent attacks on the Skatelles, she knew it was time to step in.

“She’s really just been kind of devastated and really just really worried about what’s going on,” McElledys mother said.

“I’m just really, really sad that it’s happening to her.”

McElloys father, Mark McElloy, said he was also concerned about his son’s safety.

“He’s not in a situation where he’s going to be walking on the sidewalk every day,” McNeill McElley said.

When McEllions father and his wife arrived at the Skater XL in June, they discovered a new sign on the door, which read, “You are now permitted to skate within the Skateworks.”

But McEllys wife, Lisa, said she was upset that her son was not allowed to skate at the skate shop.

“They need to get off the sidewalks and into the skatepark,” Lisa McEllry said, as she walked to the shop to grab her husband.

“Because that’s the only place that I can go, and that’s where I can have my daughter’s hair.”

The Skatewear store, which has been open since 2015, was recently remodeled and opened to the public.

Its doors were covered with a giant sticker that said, “This is the Skatedown” on the inside.

“All I can say is the last thing I would want is to see this place get shut down,” McAlloy said.

McAlloys mother, Stephanie, said the new Skatexxl sign was an important sign.

“This place is very much for skateboarding,” she said.

Lisa McAllroy, who was stabbed by a driver while trying the stop, was not at the shop during the stabbing, but said her mother is not angry about the attack.

“People have been saying to me, ‘I think you should be angry with this man,’ but I’m just going to go ahead and go and make sure I get my hair cut,”


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