Skate park owner Chris Griggs says he was inspired by the new “vans” style of skateboarding and decided to open up a skate park.

He says he’s hoping to open two more this summer.

He’s hoping the “aggressive” park will be able to handle more skaters than he initially anticipated, so he’s working to get more “viking-like” parkgoers.

“We’ve had people come from across the world come to skate with us.

I was able to see people come here from Sweden and from New Zealand,” Griggs said.”

I think we have a bit of a problem that people want to go in and be aggressive.”

It’s definitely been a success so far.

People have been very positive about it.

“Skate park manager, David MacIntyre says his biggest concern is making sure the park is “safe and welcoming”.

He says it’s important that people stay in the park, but it’s also important that they’re not scared.”

At the moment I think the safety concerns are still a concern.

There’s a lot of fencing around the perimeter.

It’s difficult to see out of the park.

“He says there’s a plan in place to make the park safer, including fencing and barriers.”

There’s a number of things that we are going to be doing to make sure that people can come in and enjoy themselves and that they are safe, but that’s all the information that I can give you at the moment,” MacIntyne said.

He said the park will have a large park bench, but there are also plans to add a large playground area and more seating areas.”

The thing that we’ve noticed is people are coming in and enjoying themselves.

They’re not afraid to get on the ice and just skate,” he said.

The park is expected to open in August.

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