Skate king is the new king of the skateboarding world.

His first golden skate, in 2002, was a first for the world of skateboarding.

It’s now the most expensive skate ever sold at auction, according to a New York auction house.

But he’s a king of his own.

He has his own business, The Skate King, and his own skateboard.

His collection is vast.

He says his collection of 5,000 skateboards, including 500 custom wheels, is more than the combined collections of every other skateboarder.

His personal collection includes more than 200 custom skateboards.

He’s the first skater to win a gold medal in a World Cup, a first that’s never been done before.

And he’s the most successful skater in the history of skateboard skateboarding in his hometown of Edmonton.

In 2013, he was inducted into the Edmonton Skateboard Hall of Fame, and is a part of the Oilers family.

Now, the skateboard legend is back in the spotlight, this time as a celebrity investor in skateboarding’s new generation of skate brands.

The Sketchers, the brand he founded in 2001, is going after young skateboarders.

But this time, he’s taking a different approach.

He is building a new generation, he says.

The new generation has to learn to skate faster, but the Sketters are going to have to be faster.

The brand says it’s a great way to show its brand, which has grown in popularity in the last five years.

It doesn’t make skateboarding any easier, Sketcher says.

It makes it even more exciting.

The young skaters are now trying to learn the tricks of the trade, he explains.

“It’s a bit like learning a new language,” Sketter says.

“But we have the same tools.

So it’s easy to understand what the other kids are saying.”

But the young skater can’t expect to learn every trick in the book.

The old tricks, he notes, were learned in school and had to be learned from the very beginning.

Sketchad’s approach has made him a superstar, even among young skates.

He was the first person to win the World Cup in skateboard skating, in 2003.

And it was his signature move on the new skateboards that caught the eye of the world.

The “golden” skate that came out of his skate shop is called the “Ride,” and it’s an homage to his first skate.

It features a gold crown with a “Skate King” logo.

Skate Kings are supposed to be the most skilled skateboard players in the world, and the Ride is no exception.

Skatesmiths say the gold crown has always been one of the most coveted pieces in skate-boarding.

So when the new Ride goes on sale at the SkateKing in Edmonton on Monday, it’s expected to sell for $6,200.

The only other skater who has ever won the World’s Cup is Michael Jordan.

But Jordan’s first gold medal was in the Olympics in 1998.

Skaters say the Ride will be one of Skateking’s biggest draws.

“They’ve got to learn from the kids,” Skateman says.


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