Skate the Infinity and Rollover roller skats are the latest arrivals from SkatetheInfinity and Roll Over.

The shops will be selling roller skaters and roller blades to the public from Monday.

SkateTheInfinity, which was opened by former roller skater Jordon Crouch, has now been open for three months and offers a range of accessories and accessories in addition to roller skating gear.

Rollover, which opened on November 13, is a new shop that offers skate accessories and skate boots, as well as rolling stock.

Both shops will sell roller skate wheels and roller skated blades, which can be used to roll over hills and fences, but also as a roller coaster.

The shop’s co-owner, Jordon, said: “I love roller skating.

I have done it my whole life.

The shop is my favourite place to shop.

I love the people who work there, I love my customers, I can’t wait to go back.”

Rollover is an awesome shop, they have been doing it since the 1980s, and it’s been going well.

“The shop has been full for the past couple of weeks.

It’s a great experience to shop here, we have lots of equipment to go around.”

Rollover also offers roller skate gloves, roller skatons, roller blades, roller boots and a skate park.

The owners of Roller Skate Shop say they hope their customers will enjoy their shop, which will be open to the general public from 5pm-8pm on Monday.

“We are just getting the shop up and running and hopefully this will bring a lot of people back to Skate The Infinity,” Jordon said.

Roll Over has been a staple of skate shops for some time and is located at the junction of Marnat Street and Londonderry Road, which has become a popular shopping street for local skateers.

The shops owners hope to have a full stock of skate products by the end of October, but will also be selling rolling stock, skate accessories, skate boots and other accessories.

Skate The Infinite opened on December 16.

Roller SkateShop has been running for over two years and has now sold over 100,000 pairs of roller skata wheels, which it has also used for roller skating in the past.

Jordon said the skate shop is full of roller skate equipment and the shop is also a great place to go to shop and hang out with other skaters.

He added: “We are selling roller skate wheels and rollover, but you can also find roller skate boots.

I think people are really excited to go and try something new and we hope that people will come and enjoy themselves.”

People will get excited when they walk in, and I think the people in the shop will be very excited too.

We have a great atmosphere and it is very welcoming.

“I think it’s going to be a great start for Rollover.

We are going to open the shop in the summer and hopefully it will be a good place to get in touch with your friends and family.”

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