Skateboarding, once the most popular sport in the world, is now a sport for the poor, with its prevalence of high injury rates, low participation rates and poor quality of equipment.

But it has a long history in the United States, dating back to the 1930s, when the American skater, who was also known as a skater boy, started skateboarding.

Today there are more than 60,000 skate parks in the US, including skate parks that have sprung up in cities across the country, and there are also more than 1,000 licensed skate parks, including in Toronto.

What is the skateboarding craze?

In 2009, skaters in Los Angeles decided to get together and form their own skateboarding group, and the group quickly grew to about 30 people.

In 2010, they began to organise skate parties, and now there are over 700 events in the LA area each year.

In addition to skate parks and skating festivals, there are many social events like music festivals, bike rides, and even a skateboarding clinic run by the US government.

What are the injuries?

Skateparks are designed for skating at speeds of up to 15mph, but the real danger is when the rider gets hit with too much momentum and crashes into other people.

As a result, the majority of skateparks have a safety zone, in which people are not allowed to go as fast as they want, but must slow down to a safe pace.

People have been killed in the park during accidents, and injuries from falling off the edge of a cliff, skateboard spikes, or even falling off a roller coaster have occurred.

The majority of people injured in the skatepark are male, and many people have suffered fractures to their vertebrae.

The most serious injuries involve the neck, spine, pelvis and brain.

There have been several fatal accidents, including the death of a young skateboarder who had his spine broken when he got hit by a car.

Who can be injured in a skatepark?

There are two main categories of skateboarders: the skateboarding community and the skate park owners.

The skateboard community comprises all skateboard owners and those who rent the park space, which is mostly located on private property.

Most skatepark owners are licensed by the state, but there are licensed skatepark operators who are not.

The owner of the skate shop may be licensed by a state agency, but that does not mean they have to be licensed in the first place.

Some owners are even licensed by private companies and have no problem getting around the laws.

How do I apply for a skate park?

To apply for an application to rent a skateboard park, you will need to complete a form.

You can find this form online, or you can mail it to the address listed below.

Skate parks have to register to rent the space, and this registration process is usually completed within two to three days.

What kind of skatepark does my city have?

There is no one single skatepark, so you need to apply for different parks depending on your location.

To find a skate shop near you, look in the map below, or if you live in another city, search the Google map.

Do I have to buy skateboards?

There has been a push for the skate industry to get more regulation, so skateboard parks must meet the following requirements: They must be licensed and be used by people who have an interest in skateboarding, and they must be supervised by a licensed professional skater.

The rules on how to use the skate shops varies from place to place, so it is important to understand the rules before you apply.

What happens after the skate day?

If you rent the skate space, you can take the skate equipment home with you.

You will also need to keep the park closed for the night.

If you have any questions about skateboarding parks, contact the local skatepark operator.

Do skate parks allow kids?

No, because skateboarding is too dangerous for kids.

However, the skaters who rent skate parks are adults, so they can provide safety for children in the parks.

Do skaters need to wear helmets?

Skaters do not need to be wearing helmets, because it is illegal for them to skate with any kind of helmet.

They should wear helmets that protect their heads, faces and neck.

Are there any rules around skatepark use?


All skatepark parks are open to the public, and skateboard events are free of charge.

The only rules are that skaters must be on the board at all times, and that the boards must be in the same area as the skate parks.

In most skatepark areas, you are not required to use a helmet at all.

In the skatepark in Seattle, the board has to be in a different area than the skateboards.

Are skate parks required to be equipped with a skate ramp?

No skate parks can


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