A new, girls-only basketball game in a high school gym in suburban Washington is raising concerns that the sport is not inclusive enough for girls.

A new girls-based basketball game called CHAQUA, which stands for “Chaya Roller Skates for Girls,” features girls playing on two skateboards.

The goal is to get on a team to beat the best team in the state.

“We’ve had girls play in the past, but not in a girls-dominated way,” said Jennifer Leach, the director of the Washington State High School Athletic Association.

“I would be surprised if we don’t see a greater interest in this sport for girls in the future.”

Leach said the girls’ game, which takes place in a locker room at a local high school, is a good example of a game where the women can play on the girls team, while the boys have to get through their own workout on the men’s team.

But a spokeswoman for the Washington Athletic Association, which runs the state’s high schools, said CHAQA isn’t just about the girls playing basketball.

“It’s about empowering kids and the kids in the program to do the same,” said Nicole Stenbeck.

“This is about empowering girls to play sports in a safe environment.”

The Washington Athletic League says the CHAqA is about more than girls playing.”CHAQ is a great opportunity for girls to come out of the closet and express themselves,” Stenbach said.

“This is a chance to showcase who they are and to let them shine.

We don’t want to see girls not coming out to the community.”

The CHAqua team is made up of high school students who were given free tickets to the game.

“The team is just trying to get out there and play in a community setting,” Leach said.

But the WSAA said the team has received complaints from parents about the team playing with kids, and the WBA has stepped in to help.

“They’ve asked us to do what we can to keep our community safe,” Leath said.

“We are working to do that through education and outreach.”


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