It’s the sort of bug that can only happen in the video game industry, but the skateboard bugs that have been plaguing the gaming world for the past few years have also been popping up in the real world.

Now a team of researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Minnesota has found a way to fix this bug.

They created a skateable version of the bug, but instead of looking like a real skateboard, it looks more like a car that’s been modified to look like an electric skateboard.

“We found that by making the car a bit longer and shorter and then modifying the wheel and the wheels to look just like electric skateboards, it actually improved the performance of the car,” lead author Daniel Vliet said in a statement.

The researchers took this design and modified it to look a bit like a Tesla Model S P85D.

“The car’s design is not that complicated, so we just did the modifications to it to make it look exactly like a Model S,” Vlait said.

The car looks more futuristic in real life than it does in the videos.

The modified car has a more aerodynamic shape and the air intake and exhaust pipes are different in the prototype than they are in the final car.

“There are a couple of ways to do that,” Vloiet said.

“You can either just make the car bigger or smaller, or make it lighter or heavier, depending on the way you want to optimize the aerodynamics.”

The car also has a larger diameter wheel.

“But the big difference is that the size of the wheel itself is not really affected by the aerodynamic characteristics of the body, so that’s the most important part.”

In a second version of this project, the car is still the same, but it has an electric motor instead of the traditional internal combustion engine, which makes it a bit more powerful and the car has an improved suspension.

This car also doesn’t look like the car that was modified by the researchers, but that’s actually how it looks in the prototypes.

“So basically, we modified the car to look exactly as the real Tesla Model 3, but with the powertrain and the powerplant changed to a bit different,” Vliiet said, according to the AP.

“It still looks like a normal Model 3 with the same dimensions, but in an aerodynamic way.”

Researchers say they’re working on modifying the car so that it’s more similar to an electric vehicle, which will be more efficient.

“In the future, we want to make the cars lighter, to be able to drive faster, to go higher,” Vlaniet said of the electric car.

It’s not yet clear if this is a prototype or if the researchers will be able at some point to build the cars and test them out.

Tesla is planning to unveil a new Model 3 sedan in 2019, but until then, it’s still unclear how long the company will be shipping these cars.

The video above is from the video-game video game The Last of Us, and it’s actually pretty fun.

The real car and the modified car.

[Carnegie Mellon University]


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