The summer of ’99 was a time of unprecedented popularity in Jordan, a city of around one million people.

Its capital, Amman, boasted some of the best skate parks in the Middle East.

The city had even produced a string of popular skate artists and designers, including the likes of Ahmed Mohamed and Muhammad Ali.

At the time, skateboarding was just getting started in Jordan.

But that all changed when the skateboard craze started in the summer of 2000.

This was a new, emerging art form, and it had been a big part of the culture for years.

In fact, it had even spawned a whole new generation of skateboarding heroes, including Ahmed Mohamed, Muhammad Ali, and Ahmed Rashed, among others.

But in the city of Amman the skate scene was very much in its infancy.

There was barely a place to practice, and many people were not even allowed to ride the streets.

What started as a way to bring people together became a kind of cult.

The new skate culture in Jordan had been born.

Skateboarding became a way of life for some, and a way for others to escape their ordinary lives.

It became the ultimate expression of the city’s unique mix of Muslim and Christian communities.

For many, it meant getting a good job, going to the movies, going out for a night on the town, and getting laid on the streets of Ammon.

Skaters’ identities were constantly changing, and skateboarding’s identity was always shifting.

The first thing you notice is that there are more boys than girls.

That’s because, even in Amman during the time of the skate craze, girls were still considered too young to get on skate boards.

At that time, the city was known as a conservative place, and for a reason.

In the early 1990s, there were no nightclubs, bars, or clubs in the area, and even though the city had a very large Muslim population, it did not have many women.

It was a place where young boys were not accepted.

At first, the new skate community was very conservative.

The older guys stayed in their homes and did not let anyone touch them, even if it meant making a few new friends.

It was a kind, calm, and cool place.

The younger guys were a bit different.

They were more rebellious, and they would do things that the older guys would not.

In their minds, skateboard culture meant that boys should be like girls, skateboards were just for girls, and that was it.

It’s not until you meet some of these boys that you realize how much more diverse the skate community is.

But this is not to say that the new community of skateboarders was entirely different from the old one.

The same basic elements of skate culture were still there, such as the skate shops, the skating community, the club scene, and the art collective scene.

There were also still some young people who had grown up with skateboarding, and there were also some who were still looking for a better way of living.

Some even went to the universities to pursue a better career in the arts.

For a lot of young skateboarder, it all started in Ammon, a small town near the city.

The skate scene in Ammen is not that different from any other city in Jordan: it’s a mix of different ethnicities, a mix that’s still evolving.

When I first started skateboarding in Ammans skate shops in 2000, I thought it was just a hobby, just a way I could meet people.

And then the whole thing changed.

I started meeting people from the Muslim community and some from the Christian community, and then I met some Muslim friends.

There’s a community here that is more diverse than you’d think.

I started learning about the culture and the way the skate industry works.

For the first time, I started to understand what it meant to be a skateboard rider in Ammania, and I realized that I could be part of something that was really unique.

In 2001, the Amman-based skateboard brand Skatebox signed a deal with a Japanese company called Tengen.

This deal meant that Tengeng would be a major sponsor for the company, and this would allow them to put out some of their skate-related skate videos.

The company had an idea: why not create a video about skateboarding and then use the skate-boarding community as a marketing tool?

They asked me to go to Japan, and on the first day I went I met a guy named Rashed and he introduced me to his business partner, Ahmed Rashes.

I went to Tokyo, and in Tokyo I met Ahmed Rashing.

And it was Ahmed Rands who introduced me, and he was a guy who worked for a local Japanese company, who gave


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