For the last few years, skaters around the country have been reporting on the alarming rise in skateboarding-related injuries.

Many of the injuries they report are minor, like bumps and cuts to the neck and back, while others are serious, like broken bones and permanent injuries.

The statistics are so out of whack, skateboarding advocates say, that they’re struggling to figure out how to stop it.

Here’s a look at some of the tactics they have used to combat the rise in injuries.

For the last three years, a team of researchers from Johns Hopkins University and Columbia University has been monitoring the prevalence of injuries on skateboards around the world.

The researchers, led by Dr. Andrew Miller, found that the prevalence rate for injuries on board games rose from about 0.1% to 2.4% between 2011 and 2015, but the number of injuries declined significantly over the same period.

They have also been tracking how people use skateboards and found that, overall, the number on skateboard games has increased from just over 5,000 in 2015 to more than 14,000 today.

That’s a huge increase.

The number of people using a skateboard has grown from just under 300,000 to over 4 million.

It’s not just the amount of money skateboarders spend on equipment, either.

While the amount they spend on their equipment may seem insignificant, they’re also spending far more than what it costs to operate a typical skateboard, which can cost $5,000-$10,000.

The increase in the number and size of skateboard owners has been especially significant.

In 2016, for example, a new video game for the Xbox One called Skateboarder: The Ride was released, which features a player-controlled skateboard with a variety of skills.

For $5 and $10, players can buy a skate that will make a person slide around the track, or a skate with a higher vertical drop and a larger amount of vertical speed.

Skateboarding is booming.

According to the US Census Bureau, the U.S. saw an estimated 14 million people skateboard in 2016.

The numbers aren’t even counting skateboarding in other countries, where the number has grown at an even faster pace.

In Japan, the most populous nation in Asia, skateboarding is a big part of the culture.

According the Japan Skateboards Association, there are over 700,000 skaters in Japan, and that number has more than tripled in the past five years.

Japanese skateboarder Akihiro Yamamoto is one of the biggest names in the sport.

He was the first person to skateboard from the US to Japan, in 2014, and he continues to do so to this day.

His biggest accomplishment, however, was when he became the first skater in Japan to be able to use the Xbox 360 as a controller for a game.

Yamamoto was thrilled to finally have the ability to play skateboard video games on his Xbox.

And he says he was even more excited when he found out the number one game he could play on the Xbox is a game that was made for the Nintendo Wii U. It was called Rollercoaster Tycoon, and it’s a real time strategy game, similar to the real-time strategy games that you might play on your console.

And if you’ve never played it, it’s just like a real-life board game.

But what it has to offer is different.

It has a real economy system in it, so it’s basically a real world game, and there’s also an in-game shop that you can shop and purchase equipment.

You can buy new wheels and bearings, which is the key to keeping your skates going.

And in the game, you can buy the most popular equipment in the world, like skateboard boards.

And when you get a lot of money, you’re able to buy more equipment and even more powerful equipment.

But that doesn’t mean you’re going to be happy if you just buy some new skateboards.

In fact, there’s one thing you definitely don’t want to do.

In Rollercoast Tycoon, you play a player who has built a skateboarding company and is trying to sell it to the local authorities.

There are some obstacles, like the government isn’t very keen on your company because of the way you sell it, or they want to charge more for your product.

So, in order to get approval for your business, you have to meet some of these conditions.

The first one is that you have the right to keep the profits.

So that means you can’t sell anything that costs more than $100.

The second condition is that if you have a lot more money than the local authority, you’ll have to start a separate company.

So if you want to sell more equipment, you need to sell a lot fewer than the government allows. And


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