Roller skaters have been experimenting with roller blades and other technologies to create an “inner beauty” for their love lives.

Now, they’re bringing the technology to the home.

In the meantime, the new Love Ball, which launches today, features an LED lighting system that’s designed to “give you a bit of a sparkle” when you’re trying to catch a glimpse of your significant other, or to show off your own beauty.

“It’s really about using your body as a canvas to express yourself, and what you think you can do with your body,” says Love Ball co-founder Matt Stelzer.

“It’s like, ‘I want to show this body what I’m capable of.'”

Stelzer and co-founders Matt and Ashley Stelzzer, who both live in Austin, Texas, have been tinkering with technology for years, from a high-speed skateboard that used magnets to create a glow to a custom-designed roller skates that turn your legs into a giant dancing mat.

They recently made a small plastic version of the Love Ball and tested it with the kids at the Austin Museum of Art.

“They had no idea that this was going to become an actual thing,” says Ashley Stalzzer.

While it’s an inexpensive, fun toy, the Love Balls have some serious drawbacks.

For one, it’s not designed to work with certain kinds of roller skaters, like those who use a roller skate pad to help control their movements.

For other parents, the device can be difficult to find because it’s usually in the shape of a giant ball.

“I would say 95 percent of parents are either in a love-hate relationship with the Love ball, or they just don’t have the resources to buy it,” Stelzz says.

Stelz is quick to note that his company is only targeting kids under 18.

“The idea is to make a product that works for everybody,” he says.


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