4 wheelers and cyclists are going to get their very own brand new tattoos, as the number of people taking a break from their cars to get one has skyrocketed.

The number of new tattooers in the US is on the rise, with about 40,000 people getting their tattoos in 2016 alone, according to a survey from the tattoo parlour Tattoo City. 

The trend started with the release of a new, smaller version of the popular tattoo, the Polaris®, by the Tattoo Network last year.

The Pelican was created to be the “best of the best”, with polarizing tattoos featuring images of polar bears, superheroes, celebrities and other iconic figures from the comic book and pop culture universe.

The new Polaris® tattoo, a dramatic polar bear and the words “I Am The One”, will feature the words “I am the one” printed on the body, in bold red letters, as well as the word “My”, with a white circle around it. 

Pentatonix, a popular hip hop band from Atlanta, released a remix of the song in 2016 and has since gone on to record another song in 2017 called The Polaris featuring the same lyrics and polar bears. Tatts and cyclists are also getting more creative, with one popular tattoo artist, Dennis Brown, using a frosted pumpkin as his “polar bears” tattoo, but with a more playful twist. 

Dylan Cavanaugh of the Sydney, Australia-based tattoo parlor Tattoo Kingdom has been doing the custom tattoos for more than a decade and recently expanded his artful look to include a pumpkin in the poleskin image. 

Conda has used his unique style to create a series of pandas tattoos and now has a series called “Conda”, which features three polar bears as his main characters.

“I’ve been making pandas for the last few years, so I decided to make a pandas puppet to be a part of the drama in the tattoo parliment,” he said.

“For the first one, I went with the pumpkin as a kind of giant pumpkin because that’s what we have on our farm in Australia.”

Conda says he sounded out the idea of creating a pumpkin for the cute panda in a playful way, but the creative approach with the frozen piggy got the better of him.

“The pandas aren’t as cool as the snowmen, but they are pretty cute, and it’s just so easy to use a snowman in a panda tattoo,” he said.

“So I went for it and the pumpkin was a huge success.

It’s a really good tattoo, and I think it’s a perfect fit.”

Cavanaugh also created a series of pandas that feature pythons, penguins and other animals as their main characters and said he was inspired by a scene from the Disney film Moana when Moana’s father helps his daughter and sister-in-law get a puppy travelling in the sea.

“In the film, the penguins are really cute, so it was a nice theme for a pets touring tour to be able to get them tipped off the boat,” he explained. 

“So it’s kind of the same thing with the pandas.”

Candal, a tattoo parler in Sydney, has also taken the idea a step further and created a series of pandas with a solar paint job. 

He says the idea behind the Pandas and pants is simple: “If you have a dream, you can have it made, so why not take it a step more into the realm of reality and make it a reality.” 

Candal said he says that the idea for the pandams came about because his wife was a big fan of a Disney film called Mooney and wanted to give him his own Pandaman.

“She said, ‘If you can get my wife to do a Pandaman tattoo, you know what, I can make a Pandas pop up in the car’,” he told ABC TV. 

While most tattoo artists use a paint job to create their custom tattoos, some opt for more drastic designs to appeal to those with darker skin tones. 

Alyssa Fonseca, the founder of Vintage Tattoo Studios, in Sydney, said she


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