New Zealand surf star David ‘Dewy’ Dewey has confirmed he will be opening up about his time in a wheelchair and has promised to bring the sport back to the spotlight.

Key points:David Dewey revealed he will bring the surfing industry back to Australian shoresThe 22-year-old said the sport has “taken off in Australia”David Dewy, who has been skateboarding for the past five years, was diagnosed with spinal cord injuries in 2013.

He was diagnosed after suffering a traumatic brain injury during a surf accident and he has spent the past 10 years battling the illness.

He said his rehabilitation has been “devastating” and he wanted to share his story with the country as a way to “celebrate the sport and the people who play it”.

He said he wanted people to know that he has not given up on surfing.

“I’ve always had this amazing drive to skate, and to push myself and to be the best at what I do,” Mr Dewey said.

“The last few years, I’ve had to put it all on hold, because I’ve been in so much pain.”

But, at the same time, I know I can be the person that helps people with their disability and I’m just looking to bring back the sport to Australia.

“The New Zealand born Mr Dewy started skateboarding in 2011, but said his experience of spinal cord injury had “changed my life” and led him to skateboarding again.”

At first, I was really upset and I didn’t really know what was going on, but then, one day, I started skating, and it’s just been a constant,” he said.

He says his skateboarding career has been an inspiration for people around the worldThe 22 year-old, who now lives in Auckland, has been skating for the last five years.”

For me, skating is just a way for me to connect with my body,” he explained.”

My skateboarding is something I can do when I’m not feeling really good, when I’ve just been working hard and trying to get better.

“That’s something I really wanted to do.”

Skateboarding has taken off in America, and I’ve really enjoyed the support of the skateboarders.

“Mr Dewey, who had cerebral palsy, is currently at a skateboarding school in Auckland and said he would be opening a shop in New Zealand in the coming weeks.”

When I get here, I want to open a skate shop,” he laughed.”

It’s going to be something for everyone.

“Hopefully, it’s going be something I enjoy doing with all the people that I skate with, and then I can continue to skate here, too.”

“I think I’ve got a good team of skateboard guys and skateboard instructors who I’ve worked with, so I’ll be able to skate and work with them.”

A shop is just the beginning.””

It’ll be about bringing the sport here and giving back to skateboards and the community.””

We want to keep the sport alive and the skateboarding community alive.

“Mr. Dewey says the skate world in Australia has taken a big step forward with the rise of surfing, skateboarding and BMX.”

Surfing and skateboarding have taken off,” he added.”

There’s definitely a lot more exposure now and we can’t wait to get back to what we were doing before.



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