It’s a legal grey area.

But the fact that it exists at all is alarming, even though there is no evidence it prevents accidents.

A lawsuit in Canada’s North American territory of Nunavut was filed by two women who say they were injured in a skateboarding accident when they slipped and fell on a frozen riverbed.

But when asked if there is any evidence that skateboards are “dangerous” it was revealed that there was none.

The suit claims the women were riding a skateboard at the park, and were riding in the river with the back of their board in the water.

The women were wearing skates.

The lawsuit, which was dismissed by a Nunavummiut judge, alleges the women rode in a “slippery and unpredictable environment.”

The plaintiffs claim they had a “biting wind” when they were on the riverbank.

They also claim the two women were not wearing goggles.

It is unclear whether the plaintiffs have been awarded damages or the amount of damages that was claimed.

(Nunavut has a long history of lawsuits involving skates.)

When asked about the lawsuit, a spokesperson for Converse Roller Skates Canada, which makes the skateboards, said they are “aware of the lawsuit but have no further comment at this time.”

“As with any case that involves our product, the company is confident in our ability to defend against these claims and has the resources to defend this matter,” said spokesperson John MacGregor.

The company is also a victim of its own success.

“Converse has enjoyed unprecedented success in the skateboarding industry, which has provided a sustainable revenue stream for our company and continues to benefit our brand,” the spokesperson added.

Converse has long sold skateboards in North America.

According to data compiled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the company sold approximately 1.4 million of the skateboard models in 2015.

In 2013, Converse opened its first retail store in Ottawa, Canada.


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