What’s the right size?

What’s best for you?

And why are some skaters wearing skimpy skirts?

These are just a few of the questions posed to BBC Sport’s top skater bloggers.

We asked these skaters how they’d dress for any occasion, what was a good size and what’s the best style for a skimpy skirt.


Should you wear a skimped skirt?

There are many different reasons why you might want to wear skimpy.

First of all, a skimpier skirt can make you look less confident.

You’ll look less masculine, especially if you’re a woman, so wearing a skimper is seen as a sign of weakness.

Skimpy skirts can also look more feminine, as it can make them more flattering to a wider range of women.

But what’s really important to look good in is a skimmed skirt, says Ashley Fyfe, editor of Skate, Skate and more Skate.

“You can always go a little bit lower if you want, but if you go too low, it’ll look weird.

It’s really about looking sexy.”

“If you go for a little more of a skirt, it gives a little extra definition and it can look a little different, but it’s still quite similar to a skim.””

A skimmed skater’s skirt will make you more feminine. “

If you go for a little more of a skirt, it gives a little extra definition and it can look a little different, but it’s still quite similar to a skim.”

A skimmed skater’s skirt will make you more feminine.

The main thing you need to look for is some definition, she says, so you can see your shoulders better, especially at the hips.

“If you’re wearing a skirt that’s very loose, it won’t make you much more feminine because you’ll look like you’re hiding something, so it’s not a very flattering look.”

When you’re skimming, if you have long legs, you may want to be wearing a skintight skirt.

But a lot shorter skirts will also work well.

“Also, if the skirt is a little too long, you’ll need to cut it down.

If it’s too long for you, you could just make a smaller skirt.”2.

Do you need some type of bra?

Yes, you do.

There are lots of different styles of skimpy skates, from skimpy to more skimpy, depending on the size you want.

A skater who wears skimpy is more likely to need a bra.

“For a long-sleeved dress, it’s much better to wear it with some kind of bra, because it will give you that extra coverage, especially on the breasts,” says Ashley.

“And it’ll make it more flattering, because you can get a little wider shoulders and a little bigger boobs, so there’s more coverage.”

So if you wear skim, you’re going to look a bit more feminine in a skim, but you won’t look as masculine,” she warns. “

It’s all personal preference, and that’s why it’s so important to pick a bra that fits you best.”

Should skimpy jeans be worn? “

A skimpy dress may also be a good idea if you’ve got a small bust, like a petite, or a bit small-breasted, like someone with a small waist.”3.

Should skimpy jeans be worn?


If you’re not sure whether it’s the perfect skater style, it makes sense to wear the best pair of jeans you can find, says Fyf.

“We have skaters who have worn jeans for years and years, and it’s become very, very fashionable, but we also have guys who’ve worn jeans their whole lives, and have grown up wearing them.”

For a few years, guys used to wear jeans in high school, but now it’s just become trendy, so they’re looking for that extra layer.

“There are lots and lots of skaters that wear jeans, but for a long time, you just had to wear them to show off your skater legs, so that was the best choice.”

Now, jeans are becoming more and more fashionable, so if you can’t wear them all, you might like to wear something else that will show off the curves of your legs and your hips, says Lizzy, the editor of Women’s Skatewear.

“When you have the right style, you can always wear jeans.

But if you need something extra, or you’re feeling a bit flamboyant, you should definitely go for something that is more formal.”4.

Should skaters wear high heels?


A high heel will make your legs look more defined and sexy, says Rachael, who is also editor of women’s skater, Skates, Skating and More Skate magazine.


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