Chicago skaters can thank a team of experts for keeping their ice skating game alive.

It all started when one Chicago-area skate instructor was able to find some good equipment to give his team a boost.

The equipment is not as good as it used to be, but he still got some good tips from his friends.

A skater wearing a skate helmet, skateboard, and boardwalk.

This particular skater is doing a lot of walking.

He’s probably wearing a helmet that is too big for him.

Chicago skateboarder, David M. Heidenreich, a former skater with the St. Louis Blues, and a skate instructor at Chicago’s South Shore Park, is a big proponent of wearing a full helmet.

He says the best way to stay safe is to wear one at all times.

Heidenrech told Business Insider that it’s always best to wear a full-face helmet, whether you’re walking or skating.

Skateboarding is an extreme sport, and helmets are very important.

You can wear them for a lot longer than you can in other sports.

He said you want to be able to protect your head, neck, and face from blows to the head.

If you’re going to skate, wear your helmet to protect the front of your head. 

Heidenres work is a part of a new skate program at South Shore park that’s trying to get kids back to the basics.

The program includes a program called Skate and Go, which is designed to get children into skating and training.

The skate program, called Skat and Go is being run by a local organization called the Chicago Sports Foundation.

The foundation is working with a local company called Kixi, which specializes in the production of skateboards.

This particular skateboard from Kixis company.

The Kixifreks are also offering the Kixin’s products to kids through a program known as Skate to Go, or Skate with the Kid.

Kixi is offering the skateboard at a discounted price of $150 per board and is also offering a discount for skateboarders who want to learn the fundamentals of the sport. 

The company has a website where it offers information about skateboarding, and the foundation is encouraging kids to learn how to use skateboards for free.

“The Skate With the Kid program is a great way to introduce kids to skateboarding for the first time,” Heidenres said.

We want to make sure that kids are involved in the sport and we want to give them the tools they need to get into it, he added. 

As the sport continues to grow, skateboarding is still growing in popularity, with more people choosing to try it.

It’s still a sport that a lot more people are interested in than it was a few years ago.

But as the sport gains popularity, more and more people will want to participate, and we see that happening more and More people are taking the plunge into skating, and that’s an opportunity that we’re really excited about.

 We have a great opportunity here to help them get into the sport, he said.


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