A year after Freeline announced it was ending operations, the skate brand is launching a new skate line, Freeline, to expand its business, a move the brand says will allow it to grow more quickly and better meet its customers’ demands.

Freeline skaters will no longer be able to purchase skates from the retail giant or skateboard shops that had been a big part of the skateboarding community since its launch in 2008.

Instead, Freelines will now be able buy Freeline skate lines at Skate Central and its online shop, Skate The Infinity, in the U.S. and Europe, according to a statement released Wednesday.

Freelines skates will have “skate-friendly materials” and are made from the same high-quality materials that Freeline skateboards are made of, the statement said.

The company is also introducing two new models of Freeline sneakers, including a Freeline Black.

Both models will feature a high-tech foam core that allows Freelines to glide more smoothly and are built to handle the rough terrain of the field.

The brand said Freeline shoes will have a sleek, modern design with “customers wanting the best possible shoe for their style and budget.”

Freeline will also offer its Freeline V-Max line, which has an improved version of its existing Freeline X-Max shoes that are lighter and cheaper.

The new Freeline products will be available for pre-order starting Feb. 11.

Freelance said it has also partnered with the Nike and Reebok brands for additional skate and shoes sales in the coming months.

It also said it is adding Freeline footwear to its store chain, Skates on Wheels, and plans to expand Freeline online sales to its more than 5,000 skate shops by the end of 2019.

Freeland said it will launch its new skate lines in Canada, the U., Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Austria.

The company said it plans to continue selling Freeline branded sneakers in the United States and Europe.

Skate Central, which closed its doors in early 2018, also announced it will be shutting down, which is a blow to Freeline.

Skate the Infinity will remain open for business and will be open as a wholesale store.


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