The Conservatives are using Justin Trudeau’s “first 100 months” to argue the Liberals have a clear mandate.

The Conservative leader is using it to claim that he can deliver on his election promises.

Trudeau’s campaign website says the government is making progress with a “progressive agenda that has been built on the most progressive tax, spend, invest and create platform in Canadian history.”

The website goes on to claim the Liberals are taking a “radical new approach to change the way Canadians spend their money and create a government that works for everyone.”

Tracy Pattison, Trudeau’s national campaign manager, said on Thursday that “the Liberals have made the most ambitious 100-month plan in Canadian political history,” but it does not go into specifics.

“Justin is making it very clear that he’s a leader who believes in the rule of law, that he has a record of delivering for Canadians, and that his government is committed to delivering on the promises it’s made,” Pattison said.

But Trudeau’s own website is more explicit, saying the Liberals plan to increase taxes and introduce new tax and spend measures and “increase the deficit” and that the Liberals would not cut social programs or leave the budget “empty-handed.”

In his campaign announcement, Trudeau promised that his Liberals would reduce the deficit by $20 billion over the next decade.

That’s more than the Liberal platform proposes.

The Conservatives’ website also lists a list of commitments to increase the deficit over the coming years, including eliminating the carbon tax, scrapping the carbon-credit credit, reducing the corporate tax rate, and increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2024.

When asked if the Liberals were being unfair, Pattison noted the Conservatives’ promises are still in place.

Justin Trudeau’s first 100 days in office are already starting to look like a big success.

He has made it clear that Canada’s Liberals are committed to achieving economic prosperity for Canadians by creating jobs and investing in infrastructure, while delivering on their promises to improve the lives of working families.

We’re taking a bold new approach.

[Read more] Trudeaumania has been one of the hottest markets in the world for the past two months.

For most of the year, the government has been running an all-cash campaign, with Justin Trudeau announcing a massive surplus last month and pledging to increase revenues and spending by up to $7 billion.

While the Liberals’ tax and spending pledges are huge, the Liberals still have to balance the budget.

They have made promises on housing, infrastructure, child care, and infrastructure spending, but the Liberals also have to find $7.2 billion in extra revenue to pay for these spending commitments.

A recent government report estimated the Liberals will need to raise $5.3 billion from all sources to cover their promises.

Trudeau has also announced plans to slash corporate taxes, eliminate the carbon credit, and boost the minimum wages, which are set to increase.

Despite Trudeau’s promises, the Conservative government says the Liberals lack the support to implement all their proposals, and the Liberals insist they will be “back on track.”

“We have the best, most progressive government in Canadian politics,” Pattson said.

“Justin has a clear plan to deliver on that.”


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